Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Mumtaz Mohameed Hassan
Dr. Mumtaz Mohameed Hassan ____________________________
structural geology
  • PhD in structural geology/University of mousl, Iraq

    MSc in Remote sensing/University of mousl, Iraq

    BSc in Geology/University of mousl, Iraq

  • 1- Morphotectonic of Mushorah Dagh structure NW of Iraq using Remote sensing data and field information. Iraqi Geological Journal, No.1, 2005.

    2- Landslide prone sites along road sections in the Duhok area with remedying. Zanco Journal, No.427 , date 17/11/2015

  • Structural geology, Remote sensing, Geomorphology

  • Geomorphology, Aerial Photography, Remote sensing, Structural geology, Plate Tectonics, Physical Geology, Tectonic Analysis and Anatomy of shields

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