Academic Staff

                                        MANAL ADIL MURAD
Assistant Lecturer
Biology- Parasitology
    • 2015 - M.Sc in Parasitology, Duhok University.
    • 2011 - Bachelor Biology department,  University of  Duhok
  • 1. Detection of toxoplasmosis among women with abortion using molecular and serological tests in Duhok city. Duhok medical journal2016.

    2. Prevalence of intestinal parasites among patients attended Azadi teaching hospital in Duhok city , Kurdistan Region /Iraq. Journal of Duhok university , 2019.

    • Parasitology, Immunology, Molecular biology , I would like to work in future on common  parasites of human and animals by using different techniques .

    • First class     : Zoology
    • Second class : Invertebrates and Entomology
    • Third class    : Genetics
    • Fourth class  : Parasitology , Microbial physiology and Plant physiology.

  • 1-Training courses:

    1. International computer driving license (ICDL).
    2. Teaching methods of academic and capacity building.
    3. Implanting entrepreneurship in the curriculum of service teacher.
    4. Entrepreneurship TOT(Pedagogy training course)


    2-Conferrences :


    • The fifth Kurdistan international conference on Science and technology, university of Duhok , college of science.



    1. University of Duhok , College of science fairs :Biology ,Chemistry ,Physics, Computer and Mathematics departments 2017.
    2. University of Duhok , College of science fairs :Biology ,Chemistry ,Physics, Computer and Mathematics departments 2018.
    3. University of Duhok , College of science fairs: Physics and Computer departments 2019.



    1. Writing and publication.
    2. iBT TOEFL preparation.
    3. How to use software for analysis of data by using SPSS.
    4. Biosafety and biosecurity basic requirements and practice.
    5. Publication in top journals and SPSS .
    6. The international writing program.
    7. The international day of non violence.


  • No CV available