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                                        Dr. Shamal Abdullah Mohamad Saeed Al-Muffti
Dr. Shamal Abdullah Mohamad Saeed Al-Muffti
Assistant Professor
Post Doctorate in Molecular Biology
    • Post Doctorate from Michigan State University.  In Molecular Biology (DNA).
    • PhD. From University of Baghdad / Iraq and Pasteur Institute in Tehran / Iran. (Excellent degree)
    • Msc. From University of Mosul/ Iraq. (Very good degree)
    • Bsc. From University of Mosul/ Iraq. (Very good degree)
    1. Genetic diversity analysis of A. sacharovi in Kurdistan Region Iraq using Molecular Based Technologies.
    2. Genetic diversity analysis of A. stephensi in central and southern of Iraq using PCR based technology.
    3. Survey of Poultry Tick Argaspersicus (Argasidae) in Dohuk Governorate.
    4. The role of synergist piperonyl - butoxide (PB) & Meta-Aminophenol (MA) on the toxicity of insecticide IKI-220 to the larvae of confused flour beetle Triboliumconfusum(Duval) &khapra beetle Trogodermagranarium(Everts).
    5. The effect of Cytokinin on the infestation of the spiny bollworm Eariasinsulana (Boisd) to Oka fruit Abelmoschusesculentus(L.) var. Betera&Mosullia.
    6. Effect of Gibberellic and Indol Acetic acid on the infestation percentage of spine Bollworm Eariasinsulana (Boisd) on Okra fruit Abelmoschusesculentus(L.) var. Mosullia.
    7. Effect of piperonyl - butoxide (PB) & Meta-Aminophenol (MA) on the toxicity of Malathion&Diazinon to the Muscadomestica(L.) larvae.
    8. Morphology an life cycle of housefly Muscadomectica (L.) (Muscidae, Diptera) on the cow manure.
    9. Effect of age & the synergist piperonyl - butoxide (PB) on the toxicity of Malathion, Lannate&Ranatak to flour beetles, Triboliumconfusum&T.castaneum (Tenebrionidae,                          Coleoptera).
    10. Toxicological studies on saw-toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilussurinamensis (L.)(Cucujidae, Coleoptera) and the effect of some synergism on persistence of insecticides.
    11. Sublethal effect of pirimiphose -methyl & the synergist piperonyl - butoxide (PB) on the biology of saw-toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilussurinamensis (L.) (Cucujidae, Coleoptera).
    12. The study of population density & the effect of some insecticides, on the black bean aphid Aphis fabae (Scop.) (Aphididae, Homoptera) on the bean production.
    13. Effect of age & synergist piperonyl - butoxide (PB) on the lethal concentration  LC50  of Sumithion, Sevin, Sumicidin to flour beetles,Triboliumconfusum&T.castaneum(Tenebrionidae, Coleoptera).
    14. Efficiency Field Evolution of Ranatak insecticide on the large Bean seed weevilBruchusrufimanusBoh.
    15. Sub-lethal effect of Actellic insecticide on the biology of red flour beetle Triboliumcastaneum (Hbst.).
    16. Effect of piperonyl - butoxide (PB) on the toxicity of three different insecticides to the 4th instar larvae of khapra beetle.
    17. Effect of treading different packing materials with insecticides against red flour beetle Triboliumcastaneum (Hbst.)
    18. The study of population density of stored product insect in The flour mill, foodstuff and Rice store in Nineveh Governorate.
    19. Effect of Sumicidin as a protectant of stored wheat fromOryzaephilussurinamensis (L.) (Cucujidae, Coleoptera).
    20. Biological studies on saw-toothed grain beetle Oryzaephilussurinamensis(L.) (Cucujidae, Coleoptera) under constant temperature and Laboratory conditions. 
    21. Effect of certain pesticides on germination of wheat seeds as influenced by storage temperature and type of sacks.
    22. I had been registered two new world records and thirteen new Iraqi records in the International GenBank in 2007- 2008:-
    • bankit1046119 EU346644
    • bankit1046120 EU346645
    • bankit1046123 EU346646
    • bankit1046124 EU346647
    • bankit1046127 EU346648
    • bankit1046131 EU346649
    • bankit1046132 EU346650
    • bankit1046135 EU346651
    • bankit1046145 EU346652
    • bankit1046146 EU346653
    • bankit1046269 EU346654
    • bankit1046270 EU346655
    • bankit1046272 EU346656
    • bankit1046274 EU346657
    • bankit1046277 EU346658

    • Molecular Biology (in DNA).
    • Toxicology.
    • Zoology.
    • Entomology.
    • Medical Insects.
    • Parasitology

  • B.Sc. - UnderGraduate

    • Zoology.
    • Entomology.
    • Invertebrates.
    • Parasitology.
    • Molecular Biology.

    M.Sc. and PhD Students - PostGraduate

    • Insect Biochemistry.
    • Toxicology.
    • Medical Insects.
    • Molecular Biology.
    • Advance Insect Ecology

  • Ph.D. Theses

    • Two PhD students

    Masters Theses

    • one MSc. Student

  • Conferences and Workshops

    • April 27-29 1999, First Scientific Conf. of Duhok University, Duhok, Iraq.
    • Sep. 27-28  2000, First Scientific Conf. of Sulaimani University, Sulaimani. Iraq.
    • Aug. 15-19 2004, Workshop organized by the University of Hawaii "Agriculture Higher Education and Development (AHEAD)" held at the University of Jordan,  Amman, Jordan.
    • July 22-24  2007,First Environmental Conf. for Iraqi Students, Erbil, Iraq.
    • Nov. 24-26 2007, First International Congress on Health Genomics and Biotechnology and the fourth Iranian Congress of Genetic Disorders and Disabilities, Tehran, Iran.
    • April  29-30 2008, First Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Conf., Baghdad, Iraq.
    • March 24-26  2009, Third Conf. of College of Science, Baghdad University, Baghdad, Iraq.
    • March 20-25  2011, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB); workshop in Theoretical and Practical Course "Genetic Applications in Human and Animal Health". ICGEB CONFERENCES AND MEETINGS Basra University, Basra, Iraq.
    • 10-24 April, 2012, Visiting Lyman Briggs College / Michigan State University
    • 4-8 November  2012,International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) Application of Human Y- Chromosomes and mt-DNA in Forensic and Anthropological Investigations.
    • 1-2  December  2012, IREX Education: Workshop on Research Best Practices in Publishing Research in Kurdistan Region Iraq.
    • Feb.15 -Nov. 20  2014, Post Doctorate for nine months in Michigan State University in Molecular Biology, Natural Science, Dept. of Entomology.
    • Nov. 16-19 2014, Entomological Society of America (I had registered).


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