College of Science

Workshop: Bologna Process Implementation 5-6 October 2022
Nov. 1, 2022, 3:47 a.m.

The College of Science is delighted to invite you to a two-day workshop.


Bologna Process Implementation


5-6 Oct 2022


  1. The attendance of the academic staff that teach first-year students and the members of the Examination Committee is mandatory.
  2. the college members of (Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science) departments are invited to the workshop on Oct 5 2022
  3. the college members of (Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and the Research Center) departments are invited to the workshop on Oct 6 2022

Place of the event including the college and the department:

Seminar Hall, College of Science

Applicant's name(s):

1- Dr. Mohammed Aziz Ibrahem (Presenter)

2- Dr. Ismail Amin Ali (Presenter)

3- Dr. Ameen Abdulqadir (Presenter)

4- Dr. Baban Mustafa Yousef (Presenter)

5- Dr. Haval Y. Yacoob (Presenter, College of Science Representative)

6- Dr. Raghad Yousif Mohammed (Physics Department Representative)

7- Ms. Amera ismail melhum (Computer Science Department Representative)

8- Dr. Muheb Amjad Saadalden (Chemistry Department Representative)

9- Dr. Alan Mohammed Omar (Mathematics Department Representative)

10- Dr. Abdulqader Eskander Hussein (Biology Department Representative)

11- Mr. Nazar Jameel Khalid (Geology Department Representative)


Preparation of faculty members for the new academic year within the framework of the implementation of the Bologna principles in addition to in-depth training in the use and implementation of the ECTS system.


  1. the workshop covers the Bologna process and its Implementation, challenges, rules & regulations.
  2. to answer all the questions asked by the academic members thoroughly and informatively.
  3. explain how to implement the technical aspects of ECTS on a College of Science Curriculum.

Time Table