April 26, 2019, 12:33 a.m.

4th OPATEL (Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning in Iraq and Iran) training workshop has been conducted at The University of Duhok, UoD, on Tuesday 16 April 2019 at the eLearning lab.

As a representative of College of Pharmacy-UoD, Dr. Burhan Abdullah Zaman, The Website Director and Moodle Manager of our college, has been participated in OPATEL workshop.

According to the training workshop agenda, which you can see below, there were five main presentations:

·         Dr. Victoria Daskalou,  University of Patras, Greece

“Sharing experiences of blended learning in higher education”

·         Dr. Giannis Gialelis,  University of Patras, Greece

“E-learning experiences from an engineering school: Virtual labs and training in Biotechnology”

·         Dr. António Pereira, Dr. Pedro Valente, ISPAB, Portugal

“The importance of FUN in learning: An easy game-based platform for the instructor.”

·         Dr. Mário Cunha, Valente, ISPAB, Portugal

“ E-learning and distance learning: Reflecting on the Past.”

·         Dr. Pedro Valente,  ISPAB, Portugal

“Virtual and Augmented Reality: The Future of Microlearning and E-learning”

After each session and at the end of the workshop there was a discussion by the participants about the main subjects and also about the best practice of deploying the concept of the eLearning in UoD specially and Iraq in General. 

OPATEL Training Workshop Agenda. pdf. Link