A workshop entitled: Traditional home-made medications and preparations; 29.10.2019
Nov. 13, 2019, 1:28 a.m.

The department of Medicinal Chemistry in the college of Pharmacy and under the sponsorship of the Deanery of College of Pharmacy represented by the dean of the College   ,Assist. Prof. Dr. Mayuad Aghali Merza and the supervision of both: Assist. Prof. Dr. Suad Yousif Alkass, the head of the Department and  Prof Dr. Daniele Suzete Persike,  held a workshop entitled: "Traditional Home-Made Medications and Cosmetic  preparations on Tuseday 29th Nov, 2019

The students of fifth stage took the major role in this workshop as each one of them presented a segment of the presentation, they showed and elaborate their slides for the audience according to the allocated time devoted for them. Then after that, the participants along with the audience took 15 minutes as a coffee break. Then they proceeded other sections of the workshop of the Department as they displayed the practical parts of their job in the chemistry Laboratory and finally, they presented their home-made products by giving each participant in the workshop a gift from the natural traditional products they made.