A symposium entitled (world diabetes day), On 15th November 2018
Dec. 16, 2018, 11:47 a.m.

On 15th November 2018 a symposium entitled (world diabetes day) was held in the department of pharmaceutics at the college of pharmacy under supervision of the dean of the college of pharmacy "Dr. Muayad Aghali Merza"

 At first the assistant dean "Dr. Julian Ismail" welcomed the participants; then the event was presented in three parts:

  • First part was presented by Dr. Bayar A. Qasim (Lecturer in Endocrine and Diabetes) who spoke about the diabetes world day and described the causes, prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus.
  •  The second part of symposium was presented by Dr. Hussein M. Rhashid (Assistant lecturer in pharmacology and PhD student in the field of diabetes) who talked about the Incretin-Based Therapies in diabetes.
  • The last part of symposium was presented by Ibtesam S. Abdulrahman (Lecturer in Family Medicine) where she spoke about the importance of the early diagnosis and treatment of gestational diabetes.