Academic Staff

                                        Awaz Majeed Rasheed Ahmed
Awaz Majeed Rasheed Ahmed Member of Examination Committee
Assistant Lecturer
M.A. Spatial planning
    • B.Sc. in English Language/ English Department/ University of Duhok.
    • M.A. in spatial planning/ College of spatial planning and applied sciences/ University of Duhok.

  • Educational planning, 

    sociological planning, 

    spatial planning

  • 2015-2019 ,English language,first class,college of Pharmacy, University of Duhok.

    2016-2017, English language, first class, Duhok Private Technical Institute, Duhok.

    2017-2016 ,English for Nursing, first class, college of Nursing, university of Duhok-. 

  •   00964 (0)750 475 6276

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