Seminar about prevention of diabetes type 2 complications
Oct. 25, 2017, 12:01 a.m.

In 23/10/2017, a seminar abour prevention of diabetes type 2 complications was conducted in seminar hall of General Directorate of Duhok Health between 9:30-11:30. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Deldar Morad and with cooperation of Continuous Developmental Division of Duhok Health Office to patients with diabetes type 2. The seminar focused on the following aspects:

1- Cadiaca dn cardiovascular diseases

2- Kidney Disfunction

3- Foot care and amputation

4- Blurred vision and blindness

It is so noteworthy to presnet our deep thanks to Dr. Farsat Saeed and CPD department of Duhok Health Office for their kind cooperation.