Duhok college of medicine, department of medical education organised a workshop on accreditation of medical colleges On Thursday the 6th of January 2022,at the conference center of Duhok University
Jan. 17, 2022, 1:02 p.m.

The workshop was attended by the head of Duhok University, Deans of related colleges, head of health directorate,Physician syndicate and the medical college teaching staff .

The aim of the workshop is to provide the audience with a clear simple idea about the accreditation process.

Accreditation is a step in the process of quality development that determines whether a program meets established standards for function, structure and performance. The accreditation process enhances institutional and program improvement and provides assurance to patients, employers, students and faculty that a program meets national and community needs, complies with relevant Iraqi Guidelines, and has comparability to international standards.

Accreditation became global point of interest,  the WHO, WFME and all European, American ,Asian and other medical education organisations work hard to achieve a common goal which is the improving the quality of medical education and achieving the intended outcomes of graduates.  They issued an updated guide and distributed it through out the world 

All medical colleges must seek a way toward accreditation otherwise they will not be able to improve there quality standards and their graduates will not be eligible for studying or working on most of the world universities and health institutes in the near future. 

This international process will not be limited to the college of medicine but all other colleges need to work that way.