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                                        BASHAR ABDULJABBAR IBRAHIM
BASHAR ABDULJABBAR IBRAHIM member of teaching staff
Assistant Prof.
  • Iraqi Board of Histopathology

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  • GIT Pathology

  • Lecturer in Mosul university, Department of pathology and handling and reporting a wide range of surgical specimens in Al-Zahrawy Surgical Teaching Hospital (Nineveh province) & in Erbil Surgical Teaching Hospital (Erbil province). Assistant professor in Duhok University, Department of pathology and handling and reporting a wide range of surgical specimens in Duhok teaching hospital.

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  • I was involved in handling and reporting a wide range of surgical specimens. I had participated in reporting breast, gynecological, obstetrics, renal, gastrointestinal, male genital tract, respiratory system, liver, bone, soft tissue, pediatrics specimens, endocrine and central nervous system specimens. Cytology:- The gynecological and non-gynecological cytology services had been run in parallel with histopathology. This had enabled me to see and report a wide range of cases, including fine needle aspirates of breast, thyroid, prostate, lymph node, and superficial masses as well as their procedures and technique.

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