May 18, 2023, 11:07 p.m.

Course overview of Sociology Department (Duhok University)

The Department was established in 2011 and is the only Sociology Department in Duhok Region.

It is committed to providing – skills that improves student learning and enriches our students' lives for the future. It gives students a solid foundation in Social Science and instruction in the methods and practices of scientific investigation. Students receive additional preparation for higher education and professional schools as well as careers in their areas of study.

Department Objectives

  1. impart to learners the ideas, theories, and practices of the social and behavioral sciences.
  2. familiarize students to the fundamental social institutions, social processes, social behavior and different Cultures in the region.
  3. train students to understand and interpret objectively the role of social processes, social institutions and social interactions in their lives.
  4. prepare students for post-graduate work in the fields of sociology, social psychology and Social work.

                                        zubaida salih abdulkhaliq
zubaida salih abdulkhaliq Zubieda Salih is head of Department of Sociology and lecturer at College of Humanities in Duhok University. Member of Laboratory of Sociology CADIS-Paris- France, Project Trainer (The Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Developme
Head of Department