Academic Staff

                                        Sayran Ahmed Ibrahim
Sayran Ahmed Ibrahim
Assistant Lecturer
Water Resources Engineeing
    • M.Sc. in Hydrology, University of Duhok / Iraq, 2010. Thesis title: Stochastic Analysis and Modeling of Flow in Tigris and Khabur Rivers Using Traditional Methods. 
    • B.Sc. in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, University of Duhok / Iraq, 2000.
    1. Application of ARIMA Model for Forecasting Monthly Streamflow for Great Zab River. Journal of polytechnic Erbil. Vol.4, No.2, December. 2014,  ISSN 2313-5727.
    2. Performance of Stochastic Models in Forecasting Weekly Stream-Flow Data for Khabur River Journal of polytechnic Erbil, Vol,5. No.2. August 2015.
    3. Performance of ARIMA model and Modified Thomas- Fiering Model for Predicting the Monthly Rainfall Data  for Tallafar Station. Journal of polytechnic Erbil, (2016).
    4. Stochastic Analysis for the Maximum and Minimum Flows of Tigris and Khabur Rivers. Journal of Salahaddin University, (2017).
    5. Evaluation the Best Random Component in Modified Thomas – Fiering Model in Generation Rainfall Data for Akre station. Acceptable for publishing in Journal of polytechnic Erbil, (2019).

    • ARMIMA model
    • Thomas- Fiering
    • Forecasting
    • Time series
    • Stochastic analysis

  • Experience in teaching in the following subjects

    • Time series analysis (stochastic analysis)
    • Sanitary landfill for solid wastes
    • Drainage Engineering
    • Computer programming (FORTRAN and MATLAB)

      Supervision Experience in under graduate projects and researches


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