Academic Staff

                                        Rondik Adil Jaafar
Rondik Adil Jaafar
Assistant Lecturer
Water Resources Engineering
    • M.Sc. - Hydraulic Engineering- 2010- University of Duhok (UoD)
    • B.Sc. – Irrigation and drainage Engineering- 2003- University of Duhok (UoD)
    1. Crest Shape Effect on the Performance of Rectangular Side Weirs, Al-Rafidain Engineering ,Vol.19 ,No.5 , October   
    2. Surface Roughness Effects on Discharge Coefficient of Broad Crested Weir, Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology (2014).
    3. Hydraulic Characteristics of Flow over Circular Crested Weirs, Journal of University of Zakho, Vol. 4(A), No.2, Pp 287-296, 2016.

    • Introduction in Water Resources.
    • Engineering drawing, AutoCAD and Descriptive geometry
    • Mathematics I & II
    • Fluid mechanic


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