Academic Staff

                                        Khalid Mahmoud Khidir
Khalid Mahmoud Khidir
Assistant Professor
Engineering Hydrology
    • Ph.D. Engineering Hydrology, Engineering college, Mosul University/ Iraq 1999.
    • M.Sc. Engineering Hydrology, Engineering college, Mosul University/ Iraq 1980.
    • PG Diploma Water Resources Engineering, Engineering college, Mosul University/ Iraq 1978.
    • B.Sc. Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Engineering college, Mosul University/ Iraq 1977.
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    • Engineering Hydrology
    • Hydraulics
    • Water Resources

    • I joined as an Assistant lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering / College of Engineering / University of Salahaddin / Erbil / Iraq in 1983-1988. 
    • I became lecturer in the same department in 1988.
    • I joined as a Lecturer in the water resources Engineering department, College of Engineering / University of Mosul/Mosul/Iraq in 1992 till
    • 2000.
    • I became Assist. Professor in the same department in 2000 
    • I joined as Assist. Professor in the water resources Engineering department, Engineering   college, Duhok University since 21/11/2007 and I am continuing in the teaching post till now.

    Subjects Teaching

    I have been teaching the following courses:

    (I) Undergraduate courses:

    Fluid Mechanics, Engineering Hydrology, Statistic, water resources Engineering.

    (II) Postgraduate courses:

    Surface Hydrology, Ground water Hydrology , Water  resources  management, Similitude and Dimensional Analysis , Advance Statistics  and Advance Optimization .

  • I am concerned with teaching and supervision of Ph.D. students in Engineering College in both Duhok University and Salahaddeen University in Erbil besides teaching and supervision of M. Sc. Students in Duhok and Mosul Universities.

  • I contributed in different hydrological studies (two study in Sulaimania Governorate in Kurdistan Region), the remain  for other parts of Iraq

    Also, I contributed in hydrological studies related with small dams design in Duhok Governorate.


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