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                                        Khairi Mohammed Said Abdullah
Khairi Mohammed Said Abdullah
Nuclear Engineering
    • Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering. University of Missouri-Columbia 1986-1989, USA.
    • MSc Nuclear Reactor Technology. University of Baghdad 1976-1977, IRAQ.
    • B.Sc. Physics. Al-Mustansiriyah University, Collage of Science, Department of Physics, 1970-1975.Baghdad, IRAQ.
  • Published Paper


    Research name



    Effects of the Low Dose Ionizing Radiation (X-ray) on Human Blood Components during Catheterization Process

    Med & Analy Chem Int J 2019, 3(4): 000150.

    ISSN: 2639-2534


    Background reduction by Cu/Pb shielding and efficiency study of NaI(TI) detector

    Nuclear Engineering and Technology 50 (2018) 462-469


    Building a Visible Light Spectrophotometer From NaI Detector

    Asian Journal of Chemical Sciences

    2(2): 1-7, Article no.AJOCS.32418, 2017


    A Method to Determine Doublet Photopeak Area (137Cs and 214Bi) in NORM Soil by NaI-detector

    International Journal of Fundamental Physical Sciences IJFPS, Vol 5, No 2, June , 2015


    Natural Radiological Hazrdous ofRocks in Duhok Governorate,  Kurdistan Region, Iraq

    J.of Dohuk University Vol 17 # 1,Dec.2014


    Linguistic concepts and physical notion for religious crescent visibility in measuring the lunar year

    المفھوم اللغوي والبعد العلمي في الرؤیة الشرعیة للأھلة في قیاس السنة القمریة

    والتراثیة الحدیثة العلوم مجلة

    J. Mod. Sci. Heritage, 351 – 323 : (2) 2, 26-8-2014,


    Environmental and Radiological Pollution in Creek Sediment and Water from Duhok, Iraq

    ISSN 0029-5698, The Nucleus 49, No.1 (2012)


    Determination of Gamma-Emitting Radionuclides in Duhok City, IRAQ

    The Nucleus 48, No.4 ISSN 0029-5698, 2011


    Development of Computer Code to Simulate a PWR In – Core Fuel Management

    J.of Dohuk University Vol 7, No. 2, Dec.2004


    Effect of Charged Beta Particles on Electrical Properties of some Polymers

    J.of Dohuk University Vol 7 No. 1,   Jun .2004


    Simulation PWR Rector by Personal Computer

    J.of Dohuk University Vol 7 No. 1,   Jan 2004


    Flow Resistance in Closed Hydraulic Systems

    Ibn Al-Haitham for Pure and Applied Science Vol 15 No. 4B,   2002


    Thermal Disadvantage Factor: An Efficient Calculation.

    Nuclear Science and Engineering Vol 104 No. 1, P34-39, Jan 1990


    The Steady State Temperature Distribution Calculation in IRT-M Fuel Assembly

    Mathematics and Physics Iraqi Journal Vol.11No. 1, 1989


    Shield Calculation for An Experiment On One of The Reactor Horizontal Channel

    IAEC Annual Report 6210-P07-1984



    Control Rod and Safety Factor Calculation for The IRT-5000

    IAEC Annual Resort 6210-P10-84. 1984


    Neutronic Calculation for TAMMUZ Reactor Using DAXY Code

    IAEC Annual Report PH-RP-23-1983


    Utilization of The Heat Transfer and Thermo hydraulic Codes Reactor Calculation

    IAEC Annual Report PH-RP-P22-1983


    Neutronic Calculation Using DOT – 3.5 Code ,Application to The Tammuz Reactor

    IAEC Annual Report PH-RP-P20-1982


    Classified Papers


    Research name



    Basis Report of Site Selection For Underground Nuclear Explosion

    التقرير الاساس لاختيار موقع تجربة تفجير نووي تحت الارض


    (FFCD) Final Full Comprehensive Document, PC-3 Project. (UNSCOM)

    These Studyies Had Been Done Under The Project Entitled Site Selection For Underground Nuclear Explosion,



    Basis report for the laboratory of assembling

    التقرير الأساس لمختبر التجميع


    Standards and Regulatios for Site Selection of Desert Research Station

    المعايير والاسس المعتمده لأختيارموقع محطة بحوث الصحراء


    Technical specifications required in the storage and transfer of the machine and components

    المواصفات الفنيه المطلوبة في خزن ونقل الاًلة ومكوناتها


    Criticality Computation of the Machine During Storing

     حسابات ألحراجة الخاصة بخزن ألألة


    Seismic Situation and Seismic Structural study of Iraq

    دراسة الوضع الزلزالي والزلزالي البنيوي للعراق


    Geological and hydrological study of desert areas in Iraq دراسة جيولوجية وهيدرولوجية للمناطق الصحراوية في العراق


    Climatic and Meteorological Factors of western Iraq ألعوامل المناخية والأنوائية لمنطقة غرب العراق


    Population Density and Distribution in the Provinces of Western Iraq

    ألكثافة والتوزيع السكاني لمحافظات العراق الغربية 


    Topographic and Surface Water Situation of western Iraq دراسة الوضع الطوبوغرافي والمياه السطحية لمنطقة غرب العراق  


    Proposed Site Selection of the Best Area for the Desert Research Station: Final Report

    اِختيار المنطقة ألأفضل لمحطة بحوث الصحراء: التقرير النهائي   


    Engineering calculations for underground nuclear Explosion: Hole-Depth Calculation

    ألحسابات الهندسية لتفجير نووي تحت الأرض


    Basis Report: Facilities of Desert Research Station Site

    التقرير الاساس لمنشاًت موقع محطة بحوث الصحراء


    Published Papers via Conferences


    Research name



     Radionuclide Concentrations Analysis of Duhok Air Atmosphere by Gamma Spectrometry

    Duhok, Irak . Innovaciencia, Facultad de Ciuncias Exactas, Naturales Y Agropecuaries.  2018; 6(1): 1-8.



    Thermal Joint Resistance of Solid Materials as a Function of Pressure and Roughness

    HEFAT2010 7th International Conference, Antaya, Turkey, 19-21 July (2010)


    Nuclear Reactor Fuel Cell Calculation

    ANS Midwest Regional Student Conference Univ. of Illinois-(1989)


    Shield Calculation for a Reactor Horizontal Channel

    7th  Conference of Iraqi Society of Physics and Mathematics , (1985)


    Evolution of Thermal Neutron Flux in IRT-2000 Fuel Cell Using Numerical Technique

    7th  Conference of Iraqi Society of Physics and Mathematics , (1985)


    Intercomparison of Different Methods for Criticality Calculation of MTR Reactor Type

    3ed Conference of Arab Physics and Mathematics, Tunis, (1983)


    • Nuclear engineering
    • Nuclear physics and radiation


    •  Advanced Engineering Mathematics, PhD, MSc, Dep. Of Water resources, College of Eng., UOD since 2012
    •  Acoustics for Architecture, Dep. of Architectural, College of Eng., UoD, 4th year since 2011
    •  Environment climate, Dep. of Architectural, College of Eng., UoD, 4th year since 2011
    •  Physics for Architecture, Dep. of Architectural, College of Eng., UoD, 1st year since 2011
    •  Nuclear Physics, MSc & 4th year, College of Science, UOD & University of Zakho, since 2006
    •  Radiation Detection, MSc, College of Science, UOD & University of Zakho, since 2006
    •  Numerical Methods by Fortran-90 Language, College of Eng. UOD, 2nd year Dep. of Water resources, since 2001
    •  Programing by MATLAB, College of Eng. UOD, 2nd year Dep. of Water resources, since 2012
    •  Thermal Environmental, College of Eng. UOD, 4th year Dep. of architectural since 2012
    •  Physics of Acoustics, College of Eng. UOD, 4th year Dep. Of architectural since 2012
    •  Nuclear Reactor theory, Coll. of Eng., univ. of Baghdad, Dep. Of Nuclear Engineering, MSc 1991-1999
    •  Reactor Theory, Coll. of Eng., univ. of Baghdad, Dep. Of Nuclear Engineering, 4th year 1991-1999
    •  Reactor Engineering, Coll. of Eng., univ. of Baghdad, Dep. Of Nuclear Engineering, 4th year 1991-1999
    •  Teaching different subjects at different universities:
      - Atomic Physics, Al-Mustansiriyah Univ., Dep. Of Physics
      - Advance Mathematics, PhD Univ. of Technology, and - CNC machines, College of Technology/Baghdad 1997

    1. PhD in nuclear physics Revink A. Ramadhan graduate in Feb. 24. 2020
    2. PhD in nuclear physics Walat Ahmed started in Sep.2019


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