Academic Staff

                                        Khamleen Abdulqadir Mahmoud
Khamleen Abdulqadir Mahmoud
Assistant Lecturer
Water Resources Engineering
    • MSc study, University of Birmingham, School of Civil Engineering, 2012-2013; obtained degree: MSc in Water Resources Technology and Management, United Kingdom.
    • BSc study, University of Duhok, College of Engineering, 2005-2009; obtained degree: BSc in Water Recourse  Engineering, IRAQ
    • Management of Water Resource projects
    • Design of Hydraulic Structures
    • Flooding Risks and Management
    • Water Distribution Systems
    • Water Environment and Management
    • Drinking Water Treatment Plants
    • Waste Water Treatment Plants

    • Assistant lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Department 9/2014-present
      (Engineering Drawing –First stage (6 hours))- Engineering Mechanics Statics (6hr)
    • Assistant lecturer in Water resources department 2013-2014
      (Engineering drawing 12 hours- Environment Engineering 4hrs)
    • Assistant lecturer in Electrical and Computer Engineering department 2013-2015
      (AutoCAD –first stage 6 hrs.)
    • Demonstrator at Water resources Engineering Department 2009-
      Engineering drawing 12 hrs.- Hydrology 4 hrs.- Hydraulic structure 4hr- Fluid labs(2hrs).


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