Academic Staff

                                        Rana Fathi Farhan
Rana Fathi Farhan Head of the Department of Architectural Engineering
Theory of Architecture (local architecture)
    • PHD in Philosophy of Architectural Sciences, University of Sulaymaniyah, 2020.
    • Master of Science in Architectural Engineering (Sulaymaniyah University 2009) at a rate of 83.167 and within the specialty of architecture theory (Kurdish architecture)
    • Bachelor of Architecture Engineering (University of Mosul 2001) with a score of 74.4


    1. فن وعمارة الكورد (كتاب)
    2. Architectural language in Erbil Castle
    3. Architectural Identity in Kurdistan
    4. The Role of Arcades in Achieving Sustainability in the Streets of Duhok City
    5. The role of transport by tram way in reducing the momentum in the road
    6. The Impact of the Intellectual Factor of the Kurdish man on the Identity of Architecture (Duhok as a case study)
    7. The Organic Architecture as a Democratic Architecture (Duhok as a case study)

    • Architectural Design & Theses (5th class)
    • Architectural Design (2nd class)
    • Theory of Architecture (4th class)
    • Local Architecture – Iraqi & Kurdish Architecture - (5th class)
    • History of Islamic Architecture (3rd class)


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