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                                        Zulaikha Ramadhan Ibrahim
Zulaikha Ramadhan Ibrahim
Fruit production, Pomology

    • MSc. Pomology/ fruit production, college of agriculture Horticulture Department Duhok University,2007-2010.


  • 1-Effect of some chemical compound on some characteristics of shoot and fruit of peach (Prunus persica l.) cv. Early coronet

    2- Effect of Foliar Application of NAA, KNo3  and Fe on Quantity and fruit

    of Peach (Prunus persica l.) cv.

    3- Effect of NAA, KNO3 on some characteristics of leaf and fruit of peach (Prunus persica l.) cv. Early coronet

    4- Effect of foliar spray of GA3, Fe, cultivars and their interactions on growth of Olive (Olea  europaea L.) transplants cvs. Sorany and khithairy

    5- Effect of foliar spray of Ascorbic acid, Zn, Seaweed extracts (Sea force) and Biofertilizers (EM-1) on vegetative growth and root growth of olive (Olea europaea L.) transplants cv. HojBlanca 

    6- Effect of Fe,GA3, K2O and Humic acid fertilization on growth and leaf nutrients of almond (Prunus amygdalus) transplants.

    7- Effect of wounding and different concentration of IBA on the rooting and vegetative growth of stem cutting three olive cultivars (Arbegonia, Arbegonia 18, hogeblanka

    8- Effects of Foliar Spray of Aminoplasmal, Nutrients and their Interactions on Vegetative Growth of Pistachio Trees (Pistacia vera L. cv.  Halaby)

  • Horticulture Pomology Fruit production   

  • Pome fruit, Stone fruit, Nut fruit, Pomplogy, Tree Fruit pruning and training, Ever green tree fruit

  • Teaching, coordinating student projects and social committee for students

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