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                                        Zhiyan Askar Teli
Zhiyan Askar Teli
Assist. Prof
Horticulture plant breeding

    • MSc Plant breeding,  college of agriculture Horticulture Department Duhok University,2005-2008
    • B.Sc in Agriculture/Horticulture.


    • Effect of NAP extract in growth and yield of two tomato cultivar (lycopersicon esculentum Mill. CV.) growing under plastic house condition. Journal of duhok university.
    • Effect of bio and organic fertilizer on growth yield and quality of summer squash. Sarhan J. of agriculture.
    • Effect of humic acid and bread yeast on growth and yield of eggplant (Solanum melogena L.) Agriculture science and technology.
    • Combining ability and heterosis in eggplant(Solanum melogena L.) . Mesopotamia J. of agriculture.
    • Estimation of some genetic paramrters , Correlation and Path Coefficient Analysis for some Characters in Eggplant. Journal of duhok university.
    • Effect of mulching and organic fertilizer on growth, yield and quality of Broccoli (Brassica oleracea var italic). Zankoy Sulaimani
    • Effect of some genotype on Chemical Composition of Faba Bean ( Vicia faba L. ) Journal of duhok university 
    • Heterosis combining ability and Gene action estimation in pea (Pisum sativa) using Full diallel crosses. Iraqi journal of agricultural science-2018:49 (4):569-576. Baghdad University

  • Biology

  • Plant Breeding..Genetics.

    Vegetable seed production

  • * computer course/college of Agriculture/UOD 2004( one month).

    * Certificate of proficiency in English (50 days UOD 2009).

    * Certificate of proficiency in computer (50 days UOD 2009).

    * Teaching method (3 month 2010/UOD.

    * Certificate of proficiency in computer (50 days UOD 2015).

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