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                                        Hassan Najman Muhamed
Hassan Najman Muhamed Teaching Staff
Assist. Professor
Silviculture and forest ecology
  • 2012: Ph.D. of Environmental Sciences; specialty: Silviculture and forest ecology, University Bordeaux 1- Bordeaux, France.


  • 7

  • Forest regeneration, Forest ecology

  • 18 years

  • Student projects

  • Reviewed manuscripts for the following international scientific journals:
    Forest Ecology And Management, Annals Of Forest Science, Journal Of Vegetation Sciences,
    African Journal Of Biotechnology, Forests, Acta Botanica Gallica, Turkish Journal Of
    Agriculture; Forestry And Land Degradation & Development. AND African Journal of
    Agricultural Research.
    A member on the Editorial Board of the Journal Sustainable
    Forestry. USA

    Conference Proceedings.
    2012: Doctoral student conference: Next generation insights into geosciences and ecology.
    May 12•13, 2011 Tartu, Estonia
    2012: The 2nd International Conference on Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems and Landscapes.
    University College Cork, on the 28 – 31 of August 2012. Cork-Ireland.
    2016: The 2nd Conference of Agriculture ―Toward better Agriculture‖. 26-27- 4-2016. Duhok.
    Kurdistan region.
    2017: The 2nd International Scientific Conference University of Zakho‖ Zakho: Life, Civilization and
    Culture". April 17th - 20th, 2017. Duhok. Kurdistan region

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