Academic Staff

                                        Aree Adel Abdulqader
Aree Adel Abdulqader
Assistant Professor
Wood Science
  • 2007 Ph.D. in Wood Science, College of Agriculture and Forestry. Mosul University, Mosul, Iraq.

    • Ph.D. Thesis entitled ( Resistance of some woods to decay caused by Nattrassiae mangiferae Fungi in Ninevah. ).
    • M. Sc. Thesis entitled ( The impact of Geographical location in some technological properties of Zawita pine wood (Pinus brutia Ten. in Duhok  Governorate.).
    • Effect of altitude on anatomical properties of Pinus brutia Ten. in Atrosh natural forest. Journal of Duhok  Univ. Volume 4 , number 2 , 2001.
    • Phenotypic variation of Pinus brutia Ten (Pinaceae) in Atrosh natural forest. Journal of Duhok Univ. Volume 5 , number 2 , 2002.
    • Soft rot and wood staining fungi and efficiency of their preservatives. Journal of Duhok  Univ. Volume 12 , number 1 , 2009.
    • Effect of Nattrassiae mangiferae on the wood soluble and non - soluble chemical components. Mesopotamia Journal of Agriculture .Volume 37, number 3 , 2009.
    • Sooty canker on some thin bark trees caused by Nattrassia mangiferae. . Journal of Minia Univ. Egypt. Volume 2 , number 1 , 2010.
    • Properties Of Particleboards Manufactured From Different Planer Shavings.
    • Effects of Processing Variables on some Properties of Dry Processing Fiberboard.

  • ·      Teaching undergraduate courses in Wood Science and Technology and Wood Industry at the Dept. of Forestry.

    ·         Teaching postgraduate courses in Wood Industry, Wood Science, Wood Drying, Wood Deterioration at the Dept. of Forestry.


  • §  Activist in the field of the rights of women and children.

    §  Participation in several courses on women's rights.

    §  Organization of programs and courses between the Women's Union and a number of Civil Society institutions.

    §  Designed for programs and rehabilitation courses uneducated women.

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