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                                        Nihayat Haji Sulaiman
Nihayat Haji Sulaiman
Assist lecture
Animal Production
  • M.Sc. 

  • - Nihayat H. S. and Jalal E. A..2009. Effect of castration and level of protein on growth performance and carcass characteristics of local goat.

                      Journal of University of Duhok.


                - Kamal Noman Dosky, Omar Dhiaa, AI- Mallah and Nihayet Haji              Sulaiman. 2011. Effect of feeding urea treated wheat straw and formaldehyde treated barely grains on milk composition and some blood metabolites of Meriz does. roavs, 2011,1(11), 700-703.




    -Kamal N. Dosky, Nihayet H. Sulaiman and Hoger M. Hidayet .2014.Fattening and Some Carcass Characteristics of Karadi Lambs Raised on Concentrate or Pasture. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare

    ISSN 2224-3208 (Paper) ISSN 2225-093X (Online)

    Vol.4, No.11, 2014.

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