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                                        Nareen Abdulaziz Shekhu
Nareen Abdulaziz Shekhu
Assist lecture
Food Manufacturing
  • MSc

  • (1) Ihsan T. TAYEB, Siamand Nizar HASSAN, Merkhan M. MUSTAFA, Shawkat Abdulrazaq M. SADEQ, Gulizar Issa AMEEN, Asia Mohamed HASSAN, Nareen Abdulaziz SHEKHU (2011). A Comparative Study of Some Productive

    Traits in Commercial Poultry Farms in Duhok Region. KSU, J. Nat. Sci., Vol.


    14, (2).




    (2) MSc. Thesis entitled “Texture, Sensory and Microbial Quality of Chilled and Frozen Chicken Meat Obtained from Selected UK Retail Market" from Food Manufacturing and Technical Management at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, College of Science, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

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