Academic Staff

                                        Khabat Noori Hussein
Khabat Noori Hussein Teaching Staff
Food Science
  • Doctorate degree

    • Ibrahim, A. Baker, Khalil, A.D. Oray and Khabat, N. Hussein (2015) Effect of Thyme Leaves Extract on Quality of Lamb and Chicken Meat during Storage,Science Journal of University of Zakho, Vol 3 No 2,
    • Asia M. Hassan, Dejeen A. Mohammed, Khabat N. Hussein and Shekhmous H. Hussen, (2016) Comparison among three Lines of quail for egg quality characters, submitted to Science Journal of University of Zakho.
    • Khabat N. Hussein*; L. Friedrich; G. Kisko; Cs. Nemeth; R. Pinter, E. Ayari, A. Toth; I. Dalmadi (Evaluation of Linalool and Piperinein controlling water holding capacity and microbiological properties of fresh chicken meat in chilling condition). Third International Conference on Food Science and Technology, 29 Nov - 01 Dec 2018, SZIE Buda Campus, Villányi út 35-43, H-1118 Budapest

    • Bioactive compounds
    • Livestock products
    • Food science
    • Meat preservation
    • Food processing
    • Food technology.

    • - 2013-2016: Academic debates-1st-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences -UoD.
    • - 2013-2014: Poultry Management-Practical: 2nd year-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences-UoD.
    • - 2013-2016: Poultry product technology-Practical: 4th year-Dept. of animal production College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences - UoD.
    • - 2013-2016: Turkey and aquatic fowl production-Theory and Practical: 3rd year-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences - UoD
    • - 2014-2015: Student seminar organizers – 4th year-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences - UoD.
    • - 2017-2019 Meat and poultry technology and quality issues for BSc, MSc and PhD Students, department of Refrigeration and Livestock Product Technology-Faculty of Food Science, Szent Istvan University.

    • Worked with Iraqi Independent High Electoral commission IHEC as station director in (Kurdistan parliament election 25 July 2009) and (Iraq Parliament election in 07 March 2010.
    • Studied English language at English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC)-Edinburgh University, from 4 July 2011 to 8 September 2011.
    • Member of Examination committee for undergraduates, College of agriculture university of Duhok 2013-2014.
    • Member of committee for supervising 3r year student in summer training for 33 days at different agricultural directorates in Duhok province 24 July, 2015 to 1 Sep, 2015
    • Participation in Forum and fair entitled learning to live together (the present and future of citizenship and human right education in Hungary, European youth Centre, council of Europe- Budapest- Hungary, 8-9 December 2017.

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