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                                        Kawa Younis Merkhan
Kawa Younis Merkhan Manager of Livestock Project
Milk production
  • Master degree

  • 1-      Influence of udder and teat size on milk yield in Black and Meriz goats.

    2-      Milk production traits of indigenous Black and Meriz goats raised under farm production system.

    3-      A study on milk composition of Black and Meriz goats raised under farm condition.

    4-      Development of prediction equation for total milk yield from partial yield in native goats.

    5-      Oxytocin Administration and Its Effect on Milk Yield and Composition of Karadi Ewes.

    6-      Impact of lactation stage on the body condition and milk quality of Black goat.

    7-      Placental traits and their relation with birth weight in Meriz and Black goats.

    8-      Meriz goat in Kurdistan region/Iraq: A Review.

    9-      A study of somatic cell and their relation to some milk traits and udder measurements in Black and Meriz goats.

    10-  Milk traits and their relationship with udder measurements in Awassi ewes.

    11-    Performance of docked vs. undocked fat-tailed sheep: A review.

    12-    Effect of oak acorn (Quercus aegilops) supplementation on milk yield, composition and some blood biochemical traits of black goats raised under farm condition.

    13-    Development of prediction equation for total milk yield from partial monthly yield in karadi and awassi ewes.

  • Milk Production

    Sheep and Goat Production

     Dairy Cattle Production

    Livestock Breeding

  • Dairy Cattle Production

    Sheep and Goat Production

    Experimental Design and Analysis


  • Training courses

    International training program on “Breeding, Reproduction Management, Artificial insemination and Pregnancy Diagnosis” from 9 to 27 October 2017, Oenkerk, The Netherlands.


    English book:

    Milk Traits of Black Goats and Meriz, LAB LAMBERD Academic Publishing, Germany, 2012.



    • The 1st scientific agricultural conference, 10 - 12th April – 2012, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region/ Iraq.
    • 1st International Scientific Conference, April 23 -25th, 2013, University of Zakho, Kurdistan Region/Iraq.
    • The 1st International Scientific Agricultural Conference 20-21th November, 2013. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan Region/ Iraq.
    • The 2nd scientific agricultural conference. 26-27th April-2016, College of Agriculture, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region/Iraq.
    • International Conference on Recent Trends in Agriculture, Environmental & Bio Sciences, 27-29, April 2017- Chandigarh chapter/India, (The 53th conformance of International multidisciplinary research foundation, India).

    Training and Teaching out University:

    • Dairy Cattle Production, Training course for Agricultural Extension Directorate staff, the agriculture Directorate of Duhok governorate, 9 – 13 November, 2014.
    • Sheep and goat breeding in small holder, training course for farmer, International Organization for Migration (IOM) in April 2016 (15 days).
    • Principle of Animal Production, training course for capacity developing for public staff of Agriculture Extension Office in Duhok Governorate, with GOAL organization, from 16th -20th Aprile, 2017.
    • Sheep and Cow, Production and Breeding, Training course for farmer of Taladas Village, Mousel city which organized by green life Agricultural Company and International Organization for Migration (IOM), 18th to 25th April 2017.
    • Sheep and goat breeding in small holder, training course for Shikh Khidir Village, Duhok City, Which organized by rehabilitation, Education and Community Health Organization (REACH), 15th May 2017.

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