Academic Staff

                                        Dr. najm Al-deen Muhyi Al-deen Yaseen
Dr. najm Al-deen Muhyi Al-deen Yaseen Head of Political Science Department & Teaching Staff
Political Science - International Relations
  • PhD in Political Science

  • Published Researches:
    • Research (joint) entitled: The change in Turkish foreign policy towards neighboring countries for the period: 2003-2015 (Iraq as a model). Published in: Tikrit University Journal of Political Science, Issue 14 November 2018.
    • A research participant in the: Third International Conference of the College of Law and Political Science/University of Duhok, held from 16-18/4/2019, Entitled: Societal structure and the experience of building a democratic system in the new Iraq (a study on the impact of the social structure on the application of democracy in Iraq after a year 2003). Published in: Duhok University Journal / Issue 1, Volume 22, April 2019.
    • A research entitled: Interpreting the Democratic Deficit in Iraq from the Perspective of Political Culture (Socio-Political Study), published in the: Journal of the College of Law for Legal and Political Sciences, University of Kirkuk, Issue 37 - Volume 10, May 2021.
    • Research (joint) entitled accepted for publication entitled: The problem of constitution drafting and its application in culturally diverse and politically transformed societies (Iraq after 2003 as a model). Accepted for publication in the: International Political Journal - College of Political Science / Al-Mustansiriya University. Acceptance letter number: 3C/55 on: 30-5-2022.

  • Research Interests:
    Primarily my research interests are in:
     The field of studies of international relations and politics, foreign policy and diplomacy, and the science of future studies.
     I also have interests in studies of state building in general and studies of political and democratic development in particular.

  • Subjects Taught:
    • International Relations (Principles and Assets).
    • Political Systems (General Theory).
    • Foreign Policy.
    • Introduction to Political Science.
    • International Economic Relations.
    • Political Development.

  • Activities:

    * Member of some civil society bodies and organizations concerned with safeguarding human rights and freedoms, consolidating democratic culture and mechanisms for building political awareness in society in Kurdistan and Iraq.

    * Member of some national and international organizations, associations, federations, and academic, political, and cultural forums inside and outside Iraq.

    * Participation in many conferences, seminars, and panel discussions on national and international studies and political, cultural, and societal issues inside and outside Iraq.

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