Political Sciences
June 20, 2016, 2:51 p.m.

Department of Political Science was established in 2014 in response to the needs of society and government institutions in Kurdistan Region – Iraq.




The Department seeks to be a distinct sections in the scientific specialization, and adoption of performance standards that enable it to reach the high standards of quality in the performance and development of scientific and research process so that they can gain academic accreditation, and achieve the highest level of interaction with the society and it’s different institutions, and upgrading the level of university student scientifically and intellectually in the field of political science.




The mission of Department of political science is represented in rising the educational and research process in political science field for the benefit of the Kurdistan Region; and this is reflected in the interest in academic and professional side, as the department focuses on the quality of the scientific article, and to prepare scientific specialized skills at a high level in political science, commensurate with the responsibilities that await them in the field of the professional employment, and meet the needs of formal and informal institutions and organizations in Kurdistan Region.




1- To make the student as the focus of educational process in the Department, and developing his personality in the field of political science, and enhance his scientific and practical skills in the political domain and political analysis in particular.

2- Preparation of competent professionals to meet the requirements of development and the needs of the society.

3- Encourage the scientific research in the fields of Political and Strategic Studies in both domestic and international dimensions, and strive to establish a specialized center in Political and Strategic Studies.

4- Activating the role of the Department in the college, University and higher education in Kurdistan Region, as well as urging it to participate in the scientific and cultural conferences.

5- Strengthen the role of the Department in the field of community development with its various dimensions.