Academic Staff

                                        dr.Khalil Yousif Jundi
dr.Khalil Yousif Jundi تدريسي
Assistant Professor
Law-public Law / Criminal Law
  •    1- Bachelor in law 1999-2000 University of Mosul.

       2- M.a. in public law (Penal Law) 2004 Mosul University.

       3- PhD in criminal law 2017 uod.

  • Comparison of Sharia and law studies

  • 1- Penal Code (General section).

    2- The Penal Code (section).

    3- The code of criminal procedure.

    4- Criminology and punishment.

    5- The origins of criminal investigation.

    6- Legal research.

    7- Entrance to study law.

    8- Execution Act.

  • 1- Banking blabbing cases/working paper submitted to the cultural season of law and politics/uod/2006.

    2- Member of the Preparatory Committee for the cultural season of College of law and politics/uod/2006.

    3- Member of the Preparatory Committee for the first scientific conference/College of law and politics/uod/2010.

    4- Membership of the Disciplinary Committee of the College of law and politics/uod.

    5- Chair and committees the examination Board for the College of law and politics/uod.

    6- Chairmanship and membership of supervisory committees on various other committees and graduate research in college.

    7- Participate in the origin country ( work shop) in Arbil in 2005.

    8- Participation in the mechanism of writing a Constitution in Hotel Jehan/uod/2005.

    9- Participation in the discussion of the draft Constitution of Iraq in the first branch of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, 2005.

    10- Participate in the electoral process and how to conduct them within the electoral centers, 2005.

    11- Take scientific research on electoral participation in various centres in 2005.

    12- Legal articles published in the journal of Hazel in Zakho and in Afro and native newspaper 2008.

    13- Working with non-governmental organization, harikar sensitization sessions 2011.

    14- Work with Organization (PAO) to give legal and lectures in different areas of the internal security forces officers course 2011.

    15- Lectures on constitutional guarantees of the accused police officers in collaboration with the same organization in 2011.

    16- Participation in the Conference affordable justice/Abril/19-20 – April 2011.

    17- Participate in the development of curricula and legal clinic/Abril/31-1-2-3-4-May-2011.

    18- Participation in the Conference towards alternative punishments in Iraqi law that established duhok governorate in cooperation with school of law 2012.

    19- Member of the Scientific Committee of the Conference alternative punishments 2012.

    20- Participating in the swap death penalty by life imprisonment in Erbil that his organization harikar 2012.

    21- Providing examine (modern criminal policy role in establishing alternatives to punishment) 2012.

    22- Shed sminarat in camp Dumez within Italian aibos organization activities, 2013  .

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