Academic Staff

                                        Noora Mohammed Ahmed
Noora Mohammed Ahmed None
    • MA in TESOL from Nottingham University UK in 2013
    • BA in English language and Literature from Duhok University – College of Basic Education in 2010
    • How Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)IS Being used in Kurdistan.
    • Investigating Kurdish Students need to Learn English Language Culture in their EFL Classes.
    • Do Non-Native Speakers of English use the Same English Discourse Markers as Native English Speaker?
    • A Lesson Plan on How to Avoid Plagiarism by Means of Paraphrasing and Reference in Academic Writing?
    • To What Extend do Advanced Arabic Speakers of English Continue to Make Errors in Third Person Singular-S?

    • Early Childhood Development
    • Education in Emergency
    • Education in Post Conflict Zone
    • Gender and Race Issue
    • Culture and Value in Education
    • Curriculum Analysis

    Method of Teaching  

    • Lecturer at University of Duhok, College of Education, Special Education Department

    • Supervising undergraduate student research
    • Proof reading for undergraduate student thesis and dissertation

  • Qualification

    • Good Education background from teaching university student and working in humanitarian organization.
    • Strong verbal and personal communication skills, decision making, critical thinking, self-motivated, initiative and maintains a high level of energy.
    • Accuracy and Attention to details, tolerant and flexible, and adjusts to different situations.
    • Able to work under pressure.
    • Ability to work closely with the teams in multi-cultural environment.


    • Learning Well-being in Emergency (LWIE)
    • Teaching in Conflict Context (TICC)
    • Child Safeguarding
    • Security and Safety (S&S)
    • Global Induction
    • Gender Equality and Violence (GEV)
    • Building Confidence and Assertiveness.
    • Parents Teacher Association (PTA)
    • Child Safeguarding Immersion.
    • Tearfund international Organization in coordination with American University in Duhok and Queen Margret University have conducted research on IDPs, Arab, Yazidian and local cases of GBV and the way they are familiar with NGOs that deal with relevant cases.

    Contact Info

  •   07504032036

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