Academic Staff

                                        Prof.Dr. Ismail Ahmed Simo
Prof.Dr. Ismail Ahmed Simo Acting Dean

    • University of Duhok               Ph.D.                                         2012
    • University of Duhok               M.A. in History                          2002
    • University of Musel                    B.A. in History                          1983






    1. The development of the oil issue in Iran during the reign of General Zahedi(1955-1953)
    2. Baghdad Pact and its impact on the Iranian-Soviet relation
    3. The Kurdish issue in Turkey in the wake of World War I
    4. Kurdish uprising in Turkey in the year(1925)
    5. The Government of Reza Shah Pahlavi and his attitude on the Kurdish issue in Iran 1925-1941
    6. professionalism of faculty members in College Basic Education from the point of view of the student
    7. teaching performance development at the university to ensure the quality of education, University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 2015
    8. The role of teaching methods in establishing the concept of the citizen to the pupils basic education from the standpoint of the members of the body of learning, the University of Dohuk, Dohuk Journal2015



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