About the Department

The Kindergarten department is a specialization which accepts only female students who have graduated from secondary school. They submit to study for four years to gain a Bachelor degree, enabling them to work in kindergartens in the Kurdistan Regional areas. The department of Kindergarten was established in 2007. One of the main aims of this department is to provide students with the necessary skills and experience required for their future careers. The courses of undergraduate study is rigorous and comprehensive, preparing students for the future professional or academic activities in the field they have specialized in.  The department includes lectures that impart an overall knowledge of the basic principles and essential details regarding the field of specialty. Students also study along with their specialty; computer and Kurdish language. 


The main objective of this department is to prepare students to be qualified teachers for primary and intermediate schools. The college provides students with the basic principles for teaching in addition to psychological and educational subjects that deal with each specialization. The department accepts only female students who have graduated from secondary schools, who wish to work with children,  studying for four years in order to gain a Baccalaureate degree in Kindergarten specialization.