Two activities of English Department
Dec. 5, 2018, 12:17 a.m.

English Department would like to thank Ms. Huda for arranging two activities today Tue, 04/12/2018, one for the 2nd stage in the morning classes and the other for the 2nd and 3rd stages in the evening classes. As a head of this department, I received a lot of positive feedback from students of both morning and evening classes.

Thanks are also extended to Dr. Lolav of the college of Languages for joining Ms. Huda and doing a nice presentation. It should be pointed out that this is the first time to do such a seminar in the evening classes. This activity broke their daily routine (of just attending lectures) and therefore rejuvenated their mind. Well done Ms. Huda and Dr. Lolav.

I would also like to thank the teachers who took part in these activities today, especially those of evening classes who attended the presentations a long with their students.

Dr. Saeed
Head of English Department