Jolly Phonics in Six Public Primary Schools in Duhok City
فبراير 17, 2019, 3:34 م
A group of university teachers, which consists of Dr. Saeed A. Saeed, Mr. Araz Bashar M. Ali, and Ms. Lureen Ibraheem Nasir from the English language department of College of Basic Education, University of Duhok, and Literacy Consultant Mr. Diego Zaffaroni, have initiated the idea of organizing Jolly Phonics in Six Public Primary Schools in Duhok City
a free teacher-training course for 17 primary school teachers who teach English language in six public primary schools in Duhok city (Halwist, Zanko, Avro City, Rezan, Siyenna, Piremagroon), to implement the Jolly Phonics programme to improve literacy standards in their schools. Those public institutions have been chosen in coordination with the General Directorate of Education of Duhok city. Accordingly, the consent has been officially taken to start a “pilot project” in the selected schools; the project aims at offering free, high-quality teacher training and mentoring to implement a successful Systematic Synthetic Phonics Programme, Jolly Phonics. The organizing team will work closely with the teachers and school leaders, to observe those classes regularly, to collect relevant data and assess students’ progress on a regular basis.
Mr. Diego Zaffaroni, who is a well-experienced literacy trainer and instructor in Jolly Phonics, gave the training course in two intensive sessions on 12/01/2019 & 26/01/2019 for almost 6 hours per session, starting from 8:30 – 2:00. It is worth mentioning that all of the required materials (Jolly Phonic books, flash-cards, teachers’ books, students’ books, posters, CDs and DVSs) were provided by the publisher of the programme, Jolly Learning LTD, and were given to the above-mentioned schools after the training sessions have been successfully conducted. Jolly Learning has been running pilot schemes which in some cases have led to region/state official adoption (e.g. Nigeria, Ghana).
The pilot project is now ongoing and follow up sessions and assessments are being done on a regular basis; above all, the preliminary results are highly encouraging.