An Introduction to Education in Finland
Nov. 22, 2018, 1:22 a.m.

                                Education in Finland

Today Wed, 21/11/2018  in the morning, we hosted a well
experienced educator from Finland, prof. Dr. Anja
in our college / English language department. She
presented a seminar about "Education in Finland"
for the fourth year students of our department. In
this seminar, she focused on the importance of
education and the development of the educational
system in Finland. Her seminar included many
other subjects like child care and education,
primary education, innovative methods of
teaching, higher education and teacher training
programmes. It's worth mentioning that the
seminar involved interesting discussions as
students and Professor Anja exchanged
perspectives concerning our educational system
and the Finnish educational system.
Thanks for the attendees and especial thanks for
Dr. DrSaeed A Saeed, the head of the English
language department, for arranging this event.

By: Mr. Araz Bashar Balatay