A Seminar on "Language Acquisition"
Dec. 14, 2018, 4:23 p.m.

The English language department of College of Basic Education hosted Mr. Beck & Ms. Brandy from Davinci Private School in Duhok to do a seminar on "Language Acquisition" for our 2nd & 3rd year students in the Peshmerga Hall on (13/12/2018). Dr. Ismaeel A. Simo, the Dean of our college with Dr. Saeed A. Saeed, the Head of the English language department warmly received the guests and introduced them to the audience.
Mr. Beck started his seminar in a very unique and humorous way by asking students many different questions about language acquisition, such as: why it is important to know English? What do peopl get from language? And, What should people do to acquire language?
He also explained his own experience of learning Kurdish language with his students at school and the strategies he uses to survive like pictures and Kurdish songs. In addition, he shared his research project plans on the way Kurdish youth acquire English language from online games like "PubG" in Taza Cafe.
At the end of his presentation, Mr. Beck highlighted certain significant aspects that teachers should take into consideration, such as: dealing with mistakes, attitude, personality/learning styles, peers/role models, and the quality of instructions.

Mr. Araz Bashar Balatay