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                                        Emad Ibrahim Haidar
Emad Ibrahim Haidar
General Psychology



    •      Bachelor degree in Psychological and Educational Sciences, College of Education, University of Mosul, 2000.
    •   Master degree in Educational Psychology, College of Education – Ibn Al-Haytham, University of Baghdad, 2004.
    •      PhD in Mental Health, University of Zakho, 2013.


  • ·        Patience and its relationship to cognitive approach at University of Duhok Lecturers \ Published research at Research Journal, College of Education, University of Mosul, 2006-2007.

  • ·        I have electronic clinic at (Psychological Forum) concerned with psychological, educational and family problems for all categories and ages. (vb /

    ·        Trainer at Directorate of Educational Preparing and Training in Duhok Governorate since 2004 and until present.

    ·        Lecturer at weekly radio programme for Mosul FM Radio, (Family and Community) (Our Lives) through which we discuss psychological and social problems concerning the family the society.

    ·        Publishing and writing many psychological, social and political articles in some well-known magazines and newspapers.

    ·        Participated in the First Scientific Forum for Experts and Pioneers of Arab Training in Human Development which was held in Cairo in 2014.

    ·        I worked with I. M. C organization as Psychotherapist from 2014 till 2016.

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