College of Basic Education

College Board
Feb. 27, 2022, 6:33 p.m.

                                Delbrin Ahmed


 Quality Assurance Officer

Prof.Dr. Ismail Ahmed Simo                                            Dean

Assist Prof. Dr. Muayad Barkat Hassan                         Dean Assistance

Assist Prof. Dr.Ramadhan Abid Mohammad                Head of Mathematics department  

 Assist Lrcturer Msr. Dilveen Miqdad Ahmed               Lecturer representative

Assist Prof. Dr. Sherzad Sabri Ali                                     Head of Kurdish Language  department  

 Assist Prof.Dr. Ahlam Mohammad Tahir                       Head of Special Education Department 

 Assist Prof. Dr.  Sa'eed  Idrees Sa'eed                            Head of English Language Department 

 Assist Prof. Dr. Jowan M. Mohammad Mahdi              Head Arabic Language DPT

 Assist Prof. Dr. Nishan Sorin Moris                                Head of Geographic DPT

 Assist Prof. Dr. Sizar Abid Mohammad                           Head of Science DPT

Dr. Imad Ali Safar                                                                Head of Historic DPT

 Prof. Dr. Mohammad Sa'eed Mohammad                       Head of Educational Guidance

 Assist Prof. Dr. Shivan Dhahir Abdullah                            Responsible of High Study

 Assist Prof. Dr. Sabir Abdullah Sa'eed                               Responsible of Educational center