College of Basic Education

College Board

                                Delbrin Ahmed

From Right to left(Stand):

Mr.Delbrin Hussein Ahmed            Quality Assurance Officer

Mr.Naeem Ali Askar                         Act head of Mathematics department  

 Dr. Alan Jameel Ibraheem               Head of Psychology  department 

Mr. Muwafaq Mahdi Salih                 Lecturer representative

Dr. Sherzad Sabri Ali                         Head of Kurdish Language  department

From Right to left(sit):

Dr. Chachan Jum'a Muhemed        Head of Special Education department 

Dr. Nadji Alsisani                               Head of Kindergarten department

Dr. Muayad Barkat                              Vice dean

Dr. Ismail Ahmed Simo                      Dean

Dr. Shivan Dhaher Abdullah       Head of Social Studies Department 

Dr. Muslih Awni Sa'eed                 Head of English Language Department