College of Administration and Economics

seminar about The reality of unemployment in the city of Duhok for the year 2012 the reasons and the treatments Seminar was held by kovan taha abdulla
Feb. 17, 2019, 1:03 p.m.

    Unemployment problem emerged in most human societies throughout history, but in recent decades, the economic successive crises which produced the problem of economic stagnation caused to the emergence and expansion of the unemployment problem, which is one of the most serious problems faced by many developing and developed countries, Unemployment is an economic problem as well as a social problem as it scourges for improving the communities especially the productive class.

    The importance of the subject appears of the high numbers of unemployed and what it represents from wasting in work item does not represent the whole damage, but ,rather what it represents a negative impact on the overall economic and social activity in the city of Duhok, although the development of any future plans to address the problem of unemployment will be useless if there is no crystallization of the concept of  scientific  rigorous of unemployment and the statement of its true size. The research suggests that the changes and developments in the regions'  economy including city of Duhok worked to manifest many of the economic problems especially unemployment where rampant unemployment rates more broadly among younger age groups especially females and concentrated larger among the educated, and aim of this research is to identify the parameters of unemployment in the city of Duhok and stay on the rates and analyze the economic and social characteristics of the unemployed and evaluation of policies and government programs designed to tackle unemployment.