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Discussion of Master thesis : student ali mohemed ali تقييم الأداء الاقتصادي لمشاريع التعليم الجامعي الخاص جامعة نوروز حالة دراسية /للمدة 2009-2015
Nov. 18, 2016, 10:52 p.m.




Education  sector  has recently witnessed growing interest by the  private  sector  and  investors in Kurdistan Region. Furthermore, the private sector contributes to the private university education. Based on this, this study aims at evaluating and analyzing the efficiency of  Nawroz University performance at Duhok province from 2004 to 2005 by using criteria and indicators for evaluating and comparing the economic, financial and technical efficiency. In this study, it is hypothesized that  Nawroz University  xploits its absorptive capacities with economic and technical efficiency. In order to verify this hypothesis, the study is based on inductive method as a way of analysis.

The study is divided into three chapters. Chapter One tackles the theoretical framework of the concepts of efficiency performance evaluation, its aims along with the factors in which are effective. In the second section, the basics and stages with their dimensions are tackled; the third section discusses the criteria and indicators of efficiency performance. Chapter Two carries the title 'private  university education in Iraq and Kurdistan Region'. Accordingly, the first section discusses the concept of education, its kinds and the role it plays in development. It further introduces the importance and aims of university education and the development of governmental and private university education in Iraq. In the following second section, it investigates university education in Kurdistan Region, and the development of private universities in the third section. Chapter three is the practical part of this study. The first  section  looks at an outline  about  Nawroz University in relation to some statistics. As for the second section, it includes the concept of education quality and the application of technical criteria. Finally, the third section negotiates criteria application and the financial and economic indicators.

The study arrived at a combination of conclusions. According to the technical efficiency criteria, Nawroz University is incapable of using absorptive capacity, where it depends on visiting teachers rated 21.12%. As for students admission, it achieves (66, 59 %) in the academic year (2014-2015) in the morning studies. In addition, there is a kind of lack in providing resources for students. Also, the teaching staffs do not encourage the importance of research and authorship. Profits range between (29. 35%-47.85%) and surplus in liquidity is achieved during the period of the study

In the light of conclusions obtained, we arrive at a number of suggestions. First, it is necessary that private universities are committed to prepare the teaching staff. Second, establishing and supporting scientific research centers. Third, opening centers for data collection that are concerned with education in Kurdistan Region to facilitate the job of researchers. Four, it is significant to follow economic criteria to ensure the continuation of educational assignments through reinforcing the financial center of University. Five, it is necessary to specify annual expenses on research and development. Finally, applying the criteria of quality to ensure the scientific and educational staidness.