College of Administration and Economics


The college  library has opened with the opening of the faculty's first department which is Economics in the year 1994.

The library goals:

1-      Support educational curriculum.

2-      Help researchers in obtaining sources quickly and with less effort.

3-      Provide a set of modern, comprehensive, balanced and powerful information sources.

4-      Organize the information sources through the doing of indexing and classification operations.

The library community:

1-      Students in different academic levels.

2-      The teaching staff.

3-      The employees and workers in the faculty.


Sections of the library:

1-      Books section.

2-      Journals and thesis section.

3-      The references section.

4-      Computerized library (a future section).

5-      Textbooks.

Electronic library:

1-      The University thesis.

2-      The available CDs.

3-      English books Part one.

4-      English books Part two.

5-      English books Part three.

6-      Arabic books Part one.

7-    Arabic books Part two.