April 15, 2023, 10:14 p.m.

Vision :

The  Department vision is reflected in finding the best ways and means that go along with progress and  contemporary modernity taking place in the areas of life,hence, our department is seeking through its objectives to promote and support the educational process in the terms of reference of the scientific community building on the Department believes in the necessary need  to provide statistical cadres serving the scientific process in various fields and down to enrich  the scientific knowledge society.

Mission :

The Department seeks to contribute effectively in upgrading the country into the ranks of developed nations through graduating efficient and distinctive cadres in the field of statistics to serve the community.

In addition, seeking to achieve access to ensure the quality of education represented by providing distinctive and educational services and commitment to achieve educational value added to the beneficiaries of the department's students and  the dealers with its cadres.

The Statistics Department goals

1. Develop the student's ability to participate effectively in serving the community.

2. Provide students with the ability to evaluate alternative solutions to the problem under study.

3. Interact with other sciences and especially in the field of computer.

4. Supplying the state departments with specialized statistical cadres and keep up with scientific developments in this field.

5. Positive and effective contribution in the added scientific through sedates scientific research.