College of Administration and Economics

About us
April 6, 2023, 11:59 a.m.

About the college                                    

The college of Administration and economic was established in December 1996 the duration of the study system is four years after which the graduates are awarded a B.A degree according to the specialization of undergraduate study.

on the 13th august 2007 according to order 2/5/4793 the scientific and consultative office was opened in this college.

in the 1/9/ 2012 the Scientific Research Center was opened in this college the center  is specialized in scientific studies and researches in legal, financial, economic, administrative, accounting and statistical studies

at the 23rd – 25th of April, 2013The First International Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Law & Administration Held Under the Title: Towards a Better Investment Environment: Status, Challenges & Horizons

at the beginning the college of Administration and economic established in 1996, the dean was Dr. ahmed S Safar . in 2005 Dr. Khalil G. Hassan took over the post. When the faculty system was introduced at the university the school was headed by assistant professor ahmed M. Ismael and Dr. Mussa M Ibrahim became dean . in 2011 the school of administration and economic along with the school of law became the faculty of law and administration with Dr.mohamed Sh. Hassan as the dean . in 2015 the college system was introduced at the university . the college Dean was Dr.mohamed Sh. Hassan. Now the college Dean is Dr. reber fatah

Academic staff

The college of Administration and economic has about 119 teachers, 92 of them have M.A degrees, and 27 of them have Ph.D. degrees. The number of graduated student between the years 1998-1999 up to 2019-2020 was 5380 graduates.

In 1998 a department for post graduate education was opened in response to needs of study, Scientific research and accepting student in higher education in different fields of economic, Administration and accounting he number of higher education graduates from this department until 2021 was 121 M.A. graduates and 7 Ph.D. graduates in different filds.

Opjectives of the college

The college is designed to provide student with a broad Technical and a applied background of business and development of a prosperous economic system. The administration program tackles the problems of creating an efficient and effective administration for modern industrial, commercial and public sector operations. The economic program a structured to give students and understanding of the major problems and policies in the business sector and to explain the reasoning behind it using various theoretical models.

The college strives to meet the educational need of students and Iraqi Kurdistan by facilitating a learning environment and strengthening student commitments to education.

The College of Administration and Economics consists of 6 Department:

Department of Economics (1995-1996)

Department of Business Administration (Management) (1998-1999)

Department of Accounting (2004-2005)

Department of Financial and Banking Sciences (2003-2004)

Department of Statistic (2011-2012)

Department of Tourism and Hotel Management (2014-2015)