The president of UoD expresses good wishes on the occasion of the initiation of the new President of Kurdistan Region

               By the name of Dohuk University, we express our good wishes to Mr.Nechirvan Barzani for his highness’s initiation as a new Pesident for Kurdistan Region. We wish him to success in his new duty ; we hope that over  the coming four years  Kurdistan Region shall step toward a new phase of development, progress and growth.

Stimulating  the structure of the Leadership of Kurdistan Region is essential  for this phase; from the experience of Kurdistan Region and  also the election and the initiation of Mr.Barzani for the leadership of Kurdistan Region is a hopeful step for the people of Kurdistan Region that  over the coming four years, under the shadow  of a wise reign shall spend  their lives with peace and well-being.

Long live Kurd and Kurdistan, immortality is for Martyrs .