Supporting the Central Library and Making it an Influential Asset for Students is major strategy of the University of Duhok, says Dr. Atrushi, the UoD President.
Nov. 14, 2021, 11:42 a.m.


On 4 October 2021, Dr. Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi, the President of Uod and Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Salih, Vice President for administrative and Financial Affairs visited the UoD Central Library and took a walk through its different departments.

In his visit, Dr. Atrushi asserted that “we are planning to improve the services provided by the Central Library so that it becomes a more influential educational platform for the students. We encourage different Scientific Departments to hold their activities in the library and ask the MA and PhD students to conduct their research here to benefit from the significant resources available here in the library including the periodicals and the MA and PhD theses.” The President also added “the aim behind this visit is to better organize the work of the library since library is considered the heart of the university.”

In the visit, the President further explained the new regulations and methods of action to be employed by the library and indicated that a collective endeavor is required by the library personnel and assistance to accomplish such strategic plans.