يونيو 5, 2022, 8:49 ص

#WKC2022 | Towards more scientific-based solutions to Kurdistan's problems!

We invite you to submit abstracts for the 5th World Kurdish Congress (WKC2022) in Kurdistan - University of Duhok, October 27–29, 2022.

#WKC2022 is co-chaired by

  • Prof. Alan Dilani, Ph.D.

President, World Kurdish Congress, Sweden.

  • Asst. Prof. Dawood Atrushi, PhD.

President, University of Duhok, Kurdistan.

  • Prof. Ridha Hasan Hussein, PhD.

President, University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan.

  • Asst. Prof. Kamaran Younis, PhD.

President, Salahaddin University-Erbil, Kurdistan.

#WKC2022 Themes:

Prevention of Migration and Creation of Job Opportunities

Research and Higher Education

Health and the Environment

Science Technology

Economy and Agriculture

Climate Change issues, Challenges and Solutions

For a complete description of #WKC2022, please visit the website:

To submit your abstract and full paper, please send it to the following email: