University Board


2014-03-27 02:11:51

University Board

The University Board is responsible for overlooking academic strategies and policies, evaluation of the existing educational processes at the University, and discussing the implementation of standards and up-to-date system that allow the University to reach its potential and function productively. The board is composed of the following members.


Prof. Dr. Mosleh Duhoky
President of the University of Duhok and the University Board
Dr. Luqman Muhammad Salih
Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Member
Dr. Sabah Ibrahim Wais
Vice President for Scientific Affairs & Postgraduate Studies, Secretary of University Board

Dr. Arif Younis Salih Balatay
Dean / Faculty of Medical Sciences, Member

Dr. Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi
Vice President for International Relations, Member

Dr. Mwafaq S. Barwary
Dean / Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Member

Dr. Nazar M.S. Numan
Dean / Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Member

Dr. Musa Mustafa Ibrahim
Dean/Faculty of Humanities,Member

Dr. Ahmed Muhammed Saleh
Dean / Faculty of Science, Member

Dr. Oded Odisho Asee
Dean / Faculty of Educational Sciences, Member

Dr. Mohammed Shaban Hassan
Dean / Faculty of Law and Administration, Member

Dr. Haval Saleem Tayb
Dean, Faculty of Science and Education, Member

Dr. Luqman T. Omar
Dean / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Member





Dilshad Taha Meero
Secretary of the University Board